Friday, December 13, 2013


The most excitng things are happening all of the sudden! I have never felt so much joy in my heart but not only for my happiness but for also my dearest sister, Elizabeth. Mr. Bingley returned to Netherfeild just recently, and has been very kind to my family and I. I first thought it was just his polite nature and there was no means for his bahavior other than him being a gentleman. There was more to his courteous bahvior however, it was all in good intentions for me because Mr. Bingley fianlly proposed! he told me that he was so ignorant my being in london, and he thought me indifferent towards him and his feelings  for me. I am not use to showing my feelings so openly, but i have never been motivated jump in joyous excitement! i am also excited not only for myself but for my dearest sister as well who has found the man who makes her surprisingly exceed my happiness. it is very strange how things work out. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy first hated each other and now theyre engaged and in love almost as much as Mr. Bingley and I are. I can not wait to be known as Mrs. Jane Bingley.