Friday, December 13, 2013

My stay at Netherfield

The morning after the ball, began with very much excitement! I received an invitation to dine with Caroline Bingley only her brother Mr. Bingley would be dining out. I immediately asked mother if I could take the carriage but she was disappointed with the fact the Mr. Bingley would be dining out and suggested that I visit on horseback. As I started towards Netherfield on horseback as mama had insisted it began pouring rain. I began to panic! How would it look if I arrived at the Bingley household dripping wet! When I arrived however I managed to keep myself calm and remain as elegant as possible. It was only a few hours later I began to feel very ill. I felt terrible not only from the illness but I felt as if I was a terrible inconvenience on my friends, who were being so kind to me. I suppose Elizabeth received my letter I wrote her because it was not long until she was at Netherfield there to visit me. It was very comforting to have Elizabeth there with me. She made my stay at Netherfield feel more like home. In a few short days I was better however and I could not thank Mr. Bingley more for taking such good care of me. 

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