Friday, December 13, 2013

Off To London

The most dreadful news had occurred. It appears that all my affections towards Mr. Bingley are going to have to cease to exist, because it seems all affections from him towards me have disappeared. Or perhaps he never even really cared for me the way I had believed and let people convince me he had. Women do have a tendency to think there is more affection that can come from a particular person than there actually is. Women tend to over exaggerate things in their mind and read deeper meaning into something that may be but a simple compliment. I am afraid that I might have done the same. Mr. Bingley has gone to London on business, and Mr. Darcy and Caroline Bingley have chosen to follow him and have no intention of returning any time soon.  That's why I have agreed to accompany my aunt and uncle to London. Mother thinks I might by circumstance run into him. Elizabeth thinks that this all is some kind of misunderstanding and he loves me. She also insists I go to London. I only hope to gain the ability to not think about him. Perhaps it was never meant to be between Mr. Bingley and me.

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